8/19-8/22: Bangalore

2016-08-24 17.44.20

Bangalore literally translates to “the city of boiled beans,” which is fitting since the food that I ate during this trip will most likely be the star of this blog post.

This past weekend, we boarded a bus in Salem and took the 4 hour trip to “the Silicon Valley of India” for the weekend. We didn’t have many plans, just a dinner with friends and the determination to 1) drink green juice and 2) get massages. We are basic and we know it.

We had no idea what to expect from our hotel, and finding out that a room was available by text from the owner was a little sketch….


IMG_5336Hotel cafe complete with a chill hotel dog and one of those “take a book, leave a book” bookshelves

IMG_5338Our room!

14087246_1830238800592152_2077060751_oHella good banana dessert

IMG_5349When the owner sends you free chocolate mousse and you are on texting terms (and he is also really into yoga and self-awareness)

We did take advantage of the complementary yoga classes. Also we ate a ton of all-organic food, and drank lots of green juice. It was basically a basic girl’s heaven. Thank you, Yogi-sthaan.

14113836_1832494980366534_1944470849_oReading The Life of Pi not to far from where Piscine Molitor Patel lived (Puducherry)

Saturday night, we went to meet some friends at this restaurant/pub called the Black Rabbit. Bangalore is kinda like New Orleans in the fact that the legal drinking age is 21, yet no one seems to put in the effort to card.

14081236_10206901202313976_227370736_n Trancos Love

14111828_10206901202393978_282420660_nJoy is dancing in confetti with Richa to DJ Wolfpack’s early 2000 hits halfway around the world

Bangalore was a wonderful experience, and though we experienced some reverse culture shock  (“HOLY SHIT THERE’S A CALIFORNIA PIZZA KITCHEN HERE!” “DO YOU SEE THAT GIRL WEARING SHORT-SHORTS?!” “BOYS!”) , it was really nice to take a break from our normal routine at the AGN school in tiny Konganapuram (which no one in Bangalore has heard of, apparently). For the first time in a while, we didn’t have anyone controlling our schedule, signing us out when we need to go somewhere, asking if we’ve eaten breakfast. I was feeling so proud of us for travelling to Bangalore alone and having a great trip without any issues.

But then we had to get on the bus home. We showed our Uber driver the name of the bus stop and the location printed on our tickets, but somehow we ended up at the completely wrong bus station. It was packed with what looked like fifty extremely dirty busses, and they were all trying to get around each other in this tiny space. At one point, Cate and I got separated from Sam and found ourselves placed between two buses, one going forward, the other inching backwards, the space between them gradually growing smaller. We were hot and confused and carrying all of our luggage. After frantically running around asking people where our bus stand was and getting a bunch of different fingers pointed in a bunch of different directions, and after jogging for what felt like a mile from where we originally got dropped off, we finally made it, two minutes before our bus was scheduled to leave. I spent the entire 4 hour ride in a state of shock that we were on it.


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