Anika, I love ya

This is a ***super special*** blog post that goes out to one of the few people who actually reads my blog—- the talented, beautiful, hilarious, generous and kind Anika Nagpal. When I first met her in an overcrowded Toyon dorm room, where we were both wearing ridiculous neon rally, and she gave me a suggestion for some cool philosophical book (Anika, if you’re reading this and remember it, please remind me of what it’s called), I never would have thought that one day I would be having a sleepover at her beautiful home in Bangalore, India and meeting her sweet parents, sister, and dog. But I did! Twice!

IMG_6034.JPGPic from phi psi bid night 2015–the night I met this wonder ^

Anika let us crash at her house for two nights as we flew in and out of Bangalore for our Goa trip, and it was definitely a highlight of this entire trip. First of all, after accidentally leaving a purse on the bus from Salem to Bangalore, her parents helped us track it down by talking to the bus driver for a good deal of time and then sending someone to go pick it up. We never would have found it without them, and considering that the purse contained Sam’s passport, we would have been pretty screwed. Even during all of that stress, Anika and her family made us feel so comfortable in their home, letting us chill and eat yummy north Indian food and watch Bollywood movies.

Anika’s mom is such a wonderful chef!! For one breakfast, she made us paneer and potato parathas and I ate about 10 of them. Everything was so fresh. We watched her roll the dough out to make them on the stove. Another day, we got to eat outside with a beautiful view of their backyard. Her mom defrosted some mangos that she had frozen during the fresh season to make us the most amazing mango lassi I’ve ever had. We had not one, not two, but three breakfast beverage options.



Our last night in Bangalore with Anika was the last night of our mini-vacation, and she made sure we had a good time. We went to this place called City Bar for “Bollywood Night.” The drinks were delicious, we got our picture taken for the newspaper (unclear if we made it), and we had some fun with some straws (pic to come, hopefully)… When we got back home, we ate all of her mom’s leftover food (this fluffy buttered bread) and the Indian version of Ramen, which is much better in my opinion. A perfect end to our days of freedom. Anika, I’ve said it so many times now but THANK YOU! So lucky to have you as my friend.

IMG_6029.PNGlow-quality photo, high-quality person

IMG_6032.JPGmy gorgeous friends feat. sweaty back




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